Dr Aksel Ersoy

Lecturer in Urban Geography

Aksel Ersoy is an urban geographer who is interested in understanding the complex relationship between social and economic transformations taking place in developing economies, metropolitan cities and the built environment. His research interests include smart cities, economic development, urban planning and policy.

Before joining Oxford Brookes University, he worked at the University of Bristol as a part of the ‘International Centre for Infrastructure Futures’ project. Earlier, Aksel taught planning and geography courses at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Birmingham.

Aksel has a PhD in Geography from the University of Birmingham. His thesis examined the impact of theories of local and regional economic development in emerging and developing economies. He is a graduate of the City and Regional Planning Department, Middle East Technical University (BA with a minor degree in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing). In his third year of the undergraduate degree, he was involved in an intensive Erasmus exchange programme at Hamburg University to work on the Hafen City Regeneration Project. After he finished his BA, Aksel did his MSc in Urban Planning and Policy at Politecnico di Milano University in Italy. He also has an MA degree in Town Planning from the University of Sheffield.