Professor Simon Bearder

Emeritus Professor


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Journal articles

  • Bearder S K, Ambrose L, Harcourt C, Honess P, Perkin A, Pullen S, Pimley E & Svoboda N. (In press). Patterns of re-assembly and sleeping site choice among nocturnal primates in Africa (galagos and pottos). Folia Primatologica., 2003
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  • Bearder S K (2000). Flood brothers: The origin of bipedalism. BBC Wildlife. 18 (6): 64-68, 2000
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  • Bearder S K (1999). Assessing the status of Pseudopotto martini. African Primates, 3: 43-44. , 1999
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  • Spruit, I & Bearder S K (1997). (Non-)human primates in the Congo basin. Bos, 16 (3): 35-41. , 1997

Book chapters

  • Bearder S K, Nekaris K A I, Curtis D J, Dew L & Setchell J M (In press). Tips from the bush. In (J M Setchell & D J Curtis, eds.), Field and Laboratory Methods for Primatologists. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge., 2003
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  • Bearder S K 2001. Fact sheets on eight primate species (Galago moholi, Otolemur crassicaudatus, Euoticus elegantulus, Perodicticus potto, Arctocebus calabarensis Daubentonia madagascariensis, Propithecus vereauxi, Indri indri). Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals. Dorling Kindersley, London, 2001
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